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Xu Hướng 10/2023 # Rice Sticky Rice – A Rustic Sticky Rice Dish That Packs The Taste Of The Fields Of Ha Thanh Land # Top 16 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Rice Sticky Rice – A Rustic Sticky Rice Dish That Packs The Taste Of The Fields Of Ha Thanh Land được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 10 năm 2023 trên website Wyfi.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

When hearing about sticky rice, many people must find it strange that they wonder what sticky rice is? In fact, sticky rice is not a new or strange dish, it is known by many as corn sticky rice or corn sticky rice – which is a very popular dish sold.

Photo: meodien.instafood

Walking around, the name sticky rice appeared in two ways. Some people think that because corn is the rice variety that the country of Ngo (named the Vietnamese call China in the past) brought, it was originally named “Morning rice”, after planting the fruit, the seeds were edible. So people bring it mixed with rice to cook it into sticky rice and call it sticky rice.

Sticky rice – package the taste of the fields of Ha Thanh land – Photo 1

Some people also say that the reason why sticky rice is called sticky rice is because there are areas where people call rice grains as rice grains, rice plants as rice plants, and corn plants as rice plants, so corn sticky rice is also called sticky rice from the past. maybe that. There is no fierce controversy when naming this type of sticky rice associated with this field, people silently admit that the fragrant sticky rice with white corn kernels is rice sticky rice. Perhaps, this is also the only way to appear in the old Hanoi and the old Ha Thanh people used to call it.

Hanoi sticky rice is associated with Tuong Mai village, which is considered the “first of Hanoi’s sticky rice”, and is also a place associated with many famous sticky rice and sticky rice in Hanoi such as Co May sticky rice, Co Tuyet sticky rice.

Sticky rice – package the taste of the fields of Ha Thanh land – Photo 1

The main ingredients of sticky rice are still glutinous rice and corn. Rice is delicious, corn is delicious to make delicious sticky rice. The sticky corn kernels are dried in the sun, then the corn is soaked with clear lime water, after a few times of boiling and scrubbing, the cooked corn will double in size, the white kernels are the finished corn. . Glutinous rice in sticky rice only has the property of binding the corn kernels together, however, glutinous rice must also be the selected type of sticky rice with yellow flowers.

Writer Bang Son in the book “Hanoi’s playthings” once wrote about rice sticky rice like this “Always sticky rice is canary color, lemon yellow. The white part of the corn kernel has softened, interspersed with the rice that has bloomed, as succulent as the kernel of a young lotus, soft but not crushed.

Photo: danablackthorn

One thing in common between sticky rice and sticky rice is that they both have to add green beans and fried onions to have a full flavor. Delicious green peas after being cooked must be crushed and then grasped tightly with round beans, when eaten, the seller takes a sharp knife to cut the beans into thin layers, then fragrant, fried onions. It’s as simple as that, but it makes people’s hearts flutter.

Although nowadays, people often pack sticky rice into banana leaves, dong leaves, but in fact, rice sticky rice must be wrapped in lotus leaves in order to enjoy properly, because of the gentle aroma of lotus leaves mixed with the smell of crispy yellow onions and the smell of green onions. Water fat creates a very unique flavor for the dishes of the countryside.

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Huỳnh Đức Tín

Từ khoá: Rice sticky rice – a rustic sticky rice dish that packs the taste of the fields of Ha Thanh land

At The Beginning Of The Year, Go “Hunting Flowers To Bloom” In The Beautiful Mountains, Full Of Flowers That Make People Wait All Year To Be Photographed

Moment of New Year’s Eve, nature has brought us many beautiful flowers that compete with each other. If you have the opportunity to set foot in a new land in the right flower season, surely visitors will not only have more wonderful experiences but also bring home a set of excellent photos. Flowers not only adorn the “virtual living” photos more beautifully but also make visitors more wistful and nostalgic about that land. Here are the types of flowers that tourists often have to wait until this time to have the opportunity to photograph, so tour groups are hustling together to “hunt flowers”.

Go to Moc Chau and get lost in the white plum blossom forest

January in Moc Chau will be covered with white, not of snow but of blooming plum blossoms. Not only famous for the immense green tea hills, but visitors also come here at the beginning of the year because of the pristine white plum blossom gardens.

Photo: Gia Han

In Moc Chau, plum flowers do not have to grow sporadically but will spread on the hillsides, pulling from one valley to another, making the whole sky become bright. But if you want to become a true “plum blossom hunter”, visit the pine forest of Ang village, Ba Khe sub-area, Long Luong, Pa Phach,… When plum blossoms are “whispering” with spring like this, it will give visitors the feeling of being lost in a poetic fairy-tale dream.

Photo: Swan Lake

Young people wait every day to go to Da Lat to see cherry blossoms

It was only in mid-December last year that young people were busy preparing a schedule to visit the mountain town to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. On the groups that love Da Lat, many young people count down each day of the blooming season to capture the bright pink flower sky. Young people who are passionate about “virtual living” think that the peach blossom season in the dream city is no different from the scenery in Korea or Japan, so tourists are extremely excited when traveling to Dalat at the beginning of this year.

Photo: Dong Ngo

Indeed, this gentle color flower is seen as the pride of Da Lat and is what makes tourists always yearn to visit the city every spring. When walking on the streets, you can also easily see rows of colorful peach blossom trees. But if you want to be more sure, you can go to the city center on Le Dai Hanh street, Tuyen Lam lake area, Cau Dat lake, .. to get lost in the beautiful peach blossom forest.

Photo: Luu Thai Anh, Ngoc Anh Dao

Forest peach blossoms also bloom in the snowy land of Sapa

Not only Da Lat, many young people in the North are just waiting for this “season change” to go to Sapa to watch the snow fall and “hunt wild peach blossoms”. In the bitter cold, but the thick peach blossom branches still bloom brilliantly, conquering the hearts of many tourists. Walking in the middle of the peach forest in Sapa, breathing for a long time the sweet scent of peaches and the cold wind blowing through them, visitors have enjoyed both the winter and spring atmosphere in the transition moment. Visitors can go up Ham Rong mountain or immerse themselves in the villages in the highlands to both discover more interesting nature and culture while enjoying the blooming New Year’s flowers.

Photo: Hoang Duong, Lam Hang

Take a motorbike to Ba Ria – Vung Tau to take pictures with apricot flowers

A place located near Ho Chi Minh City but still has a flower with a lovely spring color, which is apricot blossom in the coastal city of Vung Tau. Not too proud nor too picky, but the apricot blossom is still attractive to tourists coming here because of the gentle spring scent. If Da Lat is dressed in a bright pink shirt, the apricot flowers in Vung Tau are lighter in color, only slightly pink. But that does not make this flower less beautiful in the eyes of many guests.

Photo: ivivu

However, this is a flower with a short bloom time, so if you want to “hunt apricot beans” in the spring, you should regularly update information before setting off. Visitors can stop at places such as the road to Nuoc Ngot pass, Minh Dam mountain or many areas in Long Hai – Phuoc Hai to enjoy the spring picture of apricot flowers.

Photo: ivivu

January comes quickly, bringing “memorable” flower seasons to all parts of the country, each flower showing ecstatic beauty like this makes everyone want to pack a backpack to “hunt flowers” without hesitation. spend!

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Dũng Lê

Từ khoá: At the beginning of the year, go “hunting flowers to bloom” in the beautiful mountains, full of flowers that make people wait all year to be photographed

2023] The Status Of Big Green Lake

The County/City of Green Lake have invested about 3.3 million dollars to improve the water quality of Big Green Lake which includes (but not limited to)

Improving the watershed

Better waste water treatment

Preventing run-off

Improving the marsh south of HWY K, which feeds into Big Green

Treating the lake with herbicide to deal with the invasive Curly Leaf Pond Weed

The water quality of Big Green Lake is actually the best it’s been in years. The water quality was terrible and plummiting in the 80’s… and got worse in the 90’s. The investment above and hard work by the DNR and people who use the lake have resulting in turning that trend around and the water quality is improving every year.

The treatment of the Curly Leaf Pond Weed is what they have been spraying the lake for the last few years.

The Curly Leaf Pond Weed is what was choking out Beyer’s Cove and the Mill Pond.

Curly Leaf Pond Weed (read this article to know more) is a major problem and they had to treat it now before the problem became significantly worse

The herbicide treatment to eliminate the weed is a five year process. They plants grow from very thick bases, and a single years treatment isn’t enough to kill them off. It takes 5 years of consecutive treatments. Big Green is in year 3 (or year 4) of a 5 year plan. .

Curly Leaf Pond Weed, unlike native weeds formed dense mats in late spring and into early summer. However, by mid summer they die off… unlike native plants that die off in the fall

This early die off would result in cause rafts of dying curlyleaf to pile up on shore, increase phosphorus concentrations in the lake which in turn lead to an increase in algae during the mid summer months

A filamentous algae bloom

The current filamentous algae bloom is partially due to the herbicide treatment in early May wish resulted in the dead plants increasing phosphorus concentrations in the lake, which the algae are feeding on. There are other factors:

The lake has gotten run-off via the marsh south of HWY K, especially with the resent rains and storms.

The marsh is being addressed with a HUGH native project to re-introduce native plants into the marsh, which will help with the run-off

The zebra mussels are also to blame. They are the other invasive species that is changing the dynamics of the lake.

Where there are zebra mussels, there is usually filamentous algae blooms.

The lake has gotten run-off via the marsh south of HWY K, especially with the resent rains and storms.

*After our conversation was over I thought about that statement of the zebra mussels & filamentous algae blooms…. I don’t recall large outbreaks of filamentous algae blooms on any body of water… until zebra mussels started showing up. Can anyone else confirm this observation?

About the Fish in Big Green Lake

Chad is an avid scuba diver and loves to dive on Big Green. He was able to share some first hand observations:

He assured me that the bass and other bedding fish are able to deal with the filamentous algae booms. They are still able to establish beds and just work harder at keeping them clean.

Due to the (normally) clear nature of the water, many of the fish just spawn deeper. He has personally seen bass and bluegill beds down around 20′ deep. (He told me some exact locations… but those I’m keeping for myself to checkout my next trip on the water)

The marsh south of HWY K and the marsh to the east of HWY A have not been treated with herbicide and are popular spawning areas for the fish as well.

The lake has amazing and healthy populations of all species of fish that it has. We talked for a long time about the schools of panfish, bass, baitfish, lake trout, and more. (However, I’m not sharing specifics. He gave some great details about where he see’s them, the size of the fish, and more. I’m going to use that info to catch more fish. Go find your own hot tips!)

The lake has freshwater shrimp…. AKA Scuds. (You know… the same thing that the perch in the Dakotas eat and grow to massive sizes on). He’s caught lake trout and walleye that were stuffed with them. Gives their meat a pink color and a sweater taste. If you are cruising over deep water and detect a large baitfish school… it might actually be a cloud of freshwater shrimp!

Long Story, Short

When I fired off an email to the DNR, I wasn’t sure I’d hear back. I’m really pleased that Chad not only called me and talked to me at length. It was a great phone call. I’m feeling much more positive about the Big Green Lake and it’s future. I think it’s in good hands. The next few years may still be rough as they finish the treatments for the Curly Leaf Pond Weed and the march south of HWY K. But the lake should be in amazing shape in the early 2023’s and beyond.

Vincent Wondra

Everything About The Lovely Dong Mo Resort In The Suburbs Of Hanoi

Decoding the attraction of Dong Mo tourist area

Dong Mo is an attractive tourist destination located in the tourist complex of Vietnamese ethnic cultural villages . This tourist area is located in Son Tay commune, Ba Vi province, Hanoi city. This place is famous for its poetic, charming landscape with a freshwater lake of over 500 hectares, surrounded by the towering Ba Vi mountain. Scattered across the lake are beautiful little islands. Especially if you have seen the movie “The Judge”, you cannot forget the scene of the couple celebrating their wedding at a beautiful wooden villa in the lake here. Since then, Dong Mo tourist area has become a very “hot” destination, attracting many young people to visit and explore.

How to travel in Dong Mo? Motorcycle

This is a beautiful villa in the middle of the lake in the movie “The Judge”

The center of Hanoi city is only about 40km to the west, you absolutely can go traveling Dong Mo motorbike. Travel distance can take about 1 hour – 1h30 ‘depending on the starting location and the route. Google Map is always a reliable companion for you. From the city center, find your way to Highway 32. Ask for directions or use Google Map to determine the direction to go to Son Loc intersection. From here you turn left for another 7km and you will reach Dong Mo.


If you travel by family car, you can choose the following route: Going from Thang Long Avenue to Lang – Hoa Lac Expressway. At Hoa Lac intersection, turn right to go about 10km more, you will reach Dong Mo.


For the students, taking the bus will be a good choice.

Route 44: Tran Khanh Du – BX My Dinh

Route 70A: BX My Dinh – Trung Ha

Route 70B: BX My Dinh – Phu Cuong

Route 71: BX My Dinh – BX Son Tay

Route 84: Urban My Dinh – Urban area Linh Dam

Entertainment spots in Dong Mo tourist area Cultural village of Vietnamese ethnic groups

The first point to visit when traveling to Dong Mo is the Vietnam Village of Ethnic Culture. This place is a large population system that simulates the unique architecture of the villages of the Vietnamese people. Not only discovering typical works, you also learn about the cultures of each different ethnic group, extremely interesting.

See more Hanoi tours here

This ancient Khmer temple is the most prominent destination

Dong Mo Clock

Another super nice corner at the temple Coming to the cultural village of ethnic groups, you will surely have divine photo corners. The works here can be mentioned as communal houses in the Central Highlands, ancient Khmer temples, and especially Thap Ba similar to Ponagar tower in Nha Trang city, spoiled for the believers to live virtual. . The area is quite large and the attractions are far apart, so you need to travel by tram. In addition, you will pay an additional parking fee and are free to visit the vast scenery chúng tôi Ba is also a very popular place for young people to check-in

Dong Mo Lake is the main highlight of the entire tourist area. Peacefully located on the majestic Ba Vi mountain range, Dong Mo Lake is like a gentle girl with a gentle beauty. On the lake there are also countless small islands for you to check – in virtual live. What is more wonderful than letting the boat drift along the water, watching the sunset gradually falling red in the sky. What a lyrical poetic scene.

Dong Mo Golf Course

The charming painting beauty at Dong Mo Lake

Inside the Dong Mo wildlife tourism area is a 36-hole golf course of international standards. This place is considered one of the most beautiful golf courses in Southeast Asia with immense green lawns immersed in the beautiful nature. Don’t miss out on this exciting game play experience.

Camp in Dong Mo

Dong Mo golf course is extremely large

It would be a mistake to go to Dong Mo without preparing for camping. Son Tinh Camp has an area of ​​up to 40ha with primary forests and fruit forests alternating. Its unspoiled natural beauty is extremely suitable for camps, campfires and outdoor barbecue parties. Do not worry about bringing too many things because even in Dong Mo there is also a service for renting dishes, a very convenient grill. If you do not have a tent available, you can also rent a tent at a cost of about 400,000 VND – 600,000 VND / 6 people and have blankets and pillows to sleep overnight. If you are not used to sleeping outdoors and are afraid of insects, you can rent a house on stilts for about 250,000 VND / day.

Some notes when traveling to Dong Mo

Son Tinh Camp is extremely attractive to young people

General admission area tourism Dong Mo is 80,000 VND / person / day. If you have a student card there will be a more favorable price.

Đăng bởi: Trần Thị Kiều Trâm

Từ khoá: Everything about the lovely Dong Mo resort in the suburbs of Hanoi

‘Superstar’ Looks At The Gender Of The Chicken, Earning 60 Million Per Month

On the morning of May 28, the incubator of Ms. Dung’s family in Duc Giang commune, Hoai Duc received a new batch of chickens. Nearly tens of thousands of chickens have just come out of the oven, rattle and squeak mixed with fan buzzing. Nha Dung specializes in supplying broiler breeds for meat but also needs to separate males for farms in need. That is Dung’s mission. Today she only has to classify 4,000 children.

Gently holding a chicks to her right hand, squeezing the stool in her left hand and looking at the acupuncture hole in the anus under the light bulb, it only took her 2 seconds to see whether this was a male or a male. When determining that the chicken in his hand was a female, Dung dropped it to the basket on his right. At the same time, her left hand immediately took its place under the incandescent bulb. Still squeezing feces, taking anus view, this chicken was dropped to the left basket where the rooster is located. The whole process is as quick as the blink of an eye.

“The simplest distinguishing basis is based on the hole of the chicken hole. The male will have mating spikes, it is a round, shiny, red, and the hen does not”, Dung revealed. Starting at 7:00 am, after about an hour, she classified 1,200 animals.

A rooster with typical anal spines. Photo: Phan Duong.

Sitting a bit from Dung is Nguyen Thi Thuy, 25 years old, a girl who used to learn Dung’s hole-piercing apprenticeship, now hired by her family to deliver chickens to the province in time. New to the job, Thuy’s speed is slower. An hour passed, she separated 700 children.

According to this job, Dung separates an average of 4,000 children per session, earning an income of 60-100 million VND per month.

Entering the profession in 2009, at that time Nguyen Thi Dung did not think she would “make money” like that. “That day just gave birth to two children, no goose job. We have an incubator, our parents-in-law told me to go to school, but I don’t like it,” Dung honestly.

With a slim figure, Dung was quick with his hands and eyes. The long slender hands hold the newly hatched chicken gently but decisively. After 3 months, Dung mastered the scanning technique. Since then, in addition to working for the house, she was also invited to work part time in other incubators.

However, in the first stage, Dung’s skill is not high, so sometimes the chickens die and the accuracy is not high. “I was discouraged from losing points to clients, many times even planning to quit,” she said.

Then she determined to study again. Dung asked questions and observed the ways of those who went before. Along with that, she watched and learned manipulation through videos from Korea, China, thereby creating her own method.

“Previously, the teacher taught me to use 3 fingers to do it, the accuracy rate is not high, causing many deaths. I created using 2 fingers, which is faster and convenient to manipulate”, the hand smoothly over the chickens weighing about 30 grams, Dung spoke as well.

Ms. Dung used fingers 2 and 3 to clamp the neck of the chicken, fingers 4 and 5 to see the acupuncture hole. Her hands were staggered so it was only about 2 seconds to distinguish the drum / hen. Photo: Phan Duong.

At that time, the number of people who knew how to sexually distinguish chickens through the acupuncture hole did not count enough for one hand, so Dung was invited by the incubators in Hoai Duc district and Dong Anh.  In 2013, a hamlet in Yen Phong, Bac Ninh invited Dung to return. At first they did not believe so they asked: “How much exactly can I do?”. “I do not know what your family is asking for, but on the market I am getting the correct classification from 97-99%”, replied Dung.

They set the conditions to follow the chickens, then sign a long-term contract. After a month and a half, out of 1,000 hens of this farm mixed only 5 roosters. This means that Dung correctly distinguished 99.5%.

Since then, Dung has been considered as a “superstar” in the chicken classification village. Many camps won her to get home. Dung does not do all the work. There were times when the chickens hatched a lot, and she had to do it from early morning to night. At the peak of one day, she separated up to 18,000 children and received about 5 million dong of wages.

At first glance, it can be thought that this job is light, high-paying, but in fact not everyone can follow. Dr. Tran Ngoc Tien, Thuy Phuong Poultry Research Center (Institute of Livestock Production) said, for day-old chickens, there are two methods of sexing.

The first is the acupressure method, giving high accuracy, but difficult to do, requiring professional expertise. Because to squeeze a chicken, help the chicken to excrete without hurting it needs to be well trained. The second is the machine sexism method, prevalent in western countries. “Dung is famous in the chicken sexist village for many years. At the Institute we also only have a few teachers who know this method”, Mr. Tien said.

On May, June, when the temperature in the incubator was up to 40 degrees, Nguyen Thi Dung still had to work in a crowded space with a stench of stench and sweat. Or like the cut, cold winter days, she still has to travel a few tens of kilometers to work. “The hardest part of this job is that the worker depends on the chicken, but the chicken hatches according to the weather,” Dung said.

The best time to sex a chick is 2-3 hours after hatching. At this time, the anus of the chicken is “still fresh”, so it is easy to distinguish. When the chickens hatched early, Dung was forced to leave earlier and go home later to work. If past this “zodiac” time frame, the anus of the chicken is already dry. With no more distinctive signs, it will take longer, with her eyes strained to see, and at the same time have to use a combination of other techniques to see the sex of the chicken. At such times, she can only make 700-800 animals per hour.

Currently, in addition to working for a family farm, Dung also works for three other chicken farms in Dong Anh, Bac Tu Liem and Bac Ninh. Every 4 days, a camp comes out of the oven, so Dung hardly has a day off.

“I have been working since my child did not wake up, coming home when the child is asleep. There are times that are not allowed to say a word to him for up to 3 days. side, “Dung said. Up to now, the two children have grown up and understood their mother’s work, but they are still forced to leave their work to stay with their children. Every morning they ask: “Do you have to go to work now?”

Dung’s workmanship is famous in the chicken village, so many students attend. Photo: Dinh Quyet.

Good reputation spread, many people came to Dung to learn the job. In September 2023, Nguyen Tan Giang, 24 years old, waded from Tien Giang to “worship”. The man, who studied Livestock – Veterinary Medicine, Can Tho University and is working for a shared hatchery, tried many different ways to distinguish the sex of chickens, but the exact rate was not high.

He followed Ms. Dung’s Facebook for 3 years to gradually believe in this method. After 3 months of apprenticeship, with the tuition fee of 30 million VND, Giang has mastered the method of acupuncture to determine the male / female drum. In the southern market, the wage to distinguish a chicken ranges from 400-500 VND / chicken. In addition to working for his own camp, Giang started to work part-time jobs for other camps.

In addition to Giang, Thuy, and Ms. Dung, she also teaches jobs to more than 20 other people and still wishes to be able to transfer the profession to more people. “I only accept people aged 18-28, to make sure they are quick and alert. Nearsighted people cannot do this job,” she said.

Luu Xa village, Duc Giang, for many years is famous for its agricultural business, the people’s life is quite good. Dung’s family went in a completely different direction, but also prospered.

“Before I started working as a career, I just thought I wanted to earn money for my baby’s diaper, I didn’t expect it to help me have food to eat,” said the 32-year-old woman.

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng

Từ khoá: ‘Superstar’ looks at the gender of the chicken, earning 60 million per month

As Unforgettable As Thanh Ha Lychee, Eaten Right In The Garden In The Right Harvest Season

In the North, May and early June are litchi season in the North with 4 types of litchi ripening alternately. The earliest is an egg-sized cyst in early May, then the pink urchin, a hybrid, and the late lychee ripens around the first half of June. When the lychee is fully ripe, everywhere in the city, you can find lychee at a reasonable price. extremely affordable, only about 17, 20 thousand / kilogram, the highest is only 35, 40 thousand dong. That said, it’s too easy to buy cloth, eat it, and make your mouth happy.

However, it is still difficult for the red lychees to be bundled in bunches to bring a sense of excitement as when going to the lychee garden, eating fresh lychees that have just been plucked from the branches, peeled and put in the mouth. Especially when it was Thanh Ha lychee, the cradle of lychee.

Enjoying Thanh Ha lychee right at the garden brings a very sweet and fresh experience like the taste of this fruit.

Every tree has a bunch of berries.

The North has many litchi growing areas such as Dong Trieu (Quang Ninh), Luc Ngan (Bac Giang), Chi Linh and Thanh Ha (Hai Duong), but Thanh Ha litchi still has a special place in the hearts of gourmets.

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Thanh Ha litchi garden of a colleague’s family on the occasion when the hybrid litchi ripened red and litchi began to be harvested. Although the day I arrived in Thanh Ha, the weather was surprisingly cool compared to the intense sun that lasted a whole week before, but at 7 am, the ladies and gentlemen were busy with the collection of litchi. Perhaps because of the nature of the fruit, it needs to be harvested very early to deliver fresh during the day.

The ladies harvest litchi from 5 am to ensure the freshest lychee reaches the customers.

The bunches of bright red cloth are waiting to be transported everywhere.

When I first came to the lychee garden in the harvest season, the weather was cool and sunny, making me feel like Alice was lost in a wonderland. Each tree is full of fruit, the branches are low, just reach out and immediately pick up the red, pink and succulent litchi.

Because the entrance to a colleague’s lychee garden is right in the tug-of-war area, plus a few tugboats are in the main season, always red, sometimes lazy, so after being invited by the ladies and gentlemen to “just pick it up”, we I immediately picked the most delicious-looking lychee within my reach. After the pink skin, thick meat, a little sour, the group forgot that they had to get up at 4 o’clock so that they could get on the car at 5 o’clock to depart for Hai Duong.

Only our colleague, who was a grandson of the gardener, grew up with cloth and still very calmly saw that we were excited about tug-of-war fabric. She started to go to the row of lychee, whose new skin was pink and the fruit was smaller than the tugboat, and told the group to try it.

Lychee tugs are large, the outer shell has small spines.

It’s really like being lost in a lychee garden to buy and harvest, every tree has bunches of fruit at all times.

It is true that one should not look like a picture and one should trust someone who has been able to choose good fabrics from the age of 3 without anyone’s guidance. Although not yet ripe red, Thanh Ha lychee is really different. Many people complain that the most when eating figs is getting head worms, but that day, our whole group of 7 adults and children ate so hard that there were almost no head worms.

The fruit is small, the skin is quite smooth.

Lychee is thick, when peeled and drained, many seeds are very small.

Delicious, of course, but the pleasure of picking fresh fruit, eating it immediately under the luxuriant canopy, it also multiplies that deliciousness. The feeling of walking under a green tree from time to time is fun to peel off the skin and then pick up bunches of fruit as you like. Moreover, the lychee tree has no inherent worms, and the branches are easy to break, so adults and even children can pick them carefree.

There is a rumor about Thanh Ha lychee being very small seeds. True, but not all results are the same. According to the indigenous people who grew up with lychee, only the large-bottomed or pointed-bottomed lychee will have small seeds. It’s also interesting to say that while picking and competing to see who can find the smaller seed lychee, it’s also an interesting thing.

Just picking lychee and enjoying it at the garden is a pleasure not everyone is lucky enough to experience.

Even the children were excited to go to pick lychees, hug them back to the gathering place.

Today, with the development of technology and the long-term experience of farmers who are having access to modern technology, lychees are cared for, harvested and transported quickly to consumers without still ensure the freshness as just picked from the tree. But the feeling of picking the fruit yourself is still very different.

Coming back from the lychee garden after nearly 3 hours of eating, playing, exploring, and taking pictures, we were able to bring nearly a hundred pounds of litchi picked by our own hands. It is not only a gift but also the joy of a new experience to better understand Vietnamese agricultural products.

A corner of the results obtained after a morning visit to the garden.

Cloth baskets are filled

Unlike the Western gardens, most of the specialty orchards in the North are not open to tourists to visit the garden. However, if you have acquaintances in a specialty area such as Thanh Ha lychee, for example, please come and experience it once. But if you do come, please remember to respect the production of nature and the caretaker so as not to waste. And of course, clean it up before you leave.

Wish you soon have the opportunity to visit specialty fruit orchards, like I can go to Thanh Ha lychee garden in the right harvest season.


Đăng bởi: Chánh Lê Viết

Từ khoá: As unforgettable as Thanh Ha lychee, eaten right in the garden in the right harvest season

Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Rice Sticky Rice – A Rustic Sticky Rice Dish That Packs The Taste Of The Fields Of Ha Thanh Land trên website Wyfi.edu.vn. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Chúc bạn một ngày tốt lành!